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MT ADDE Performance Recorded Angus Cattle (PRAC)

Registered with the Angus breed society herd 21160


Here at Mt Adde we are calving large mobs of Angus cows run under strict commercial conditions on typically dry Marlborough hill country. With a strong emphasis on an easy care maternal and efficient cow, a cow that's a great converter and can easily wean a calf half her own body weight or more. Here at Mount Adde we believe in maintaining well balanced breeding objectives that consistently add value to our herd and that of our clients.

All yearling heifers have been mated for over 15 years with in-calf ,and weaning rates consistently over 95% for the whole herd. Well above district and national average, proving we are breeding sound early maturing fertile cattle well adapted to our environment.

We have utilised artificial insemination for many years over a small selection of cattle as we believe this is a great way to introduce new genetic material from a very few elite sires around the world. Sires who have proven to be genetic outliers for a number of differing traits, of which we believe have the potential to add value to our herd and that of our commercial clients. We believe it would be naive not to take advantage of the larger Angus gene pool, benchmarking them within our herd to see if they perform in our environment under our low input management systems. Obviously being very selective of the phenotype of bulls we utilise and also their performance data to help insure the highest rate of progress.

Year after year by far the largest percentage of cows are naturally mated on the hill in a commercial situation.

At Mount Adde we pride ourselves on having a number of Leading Herd Sire's for viewing that continue to prove themselves year after year in a hill country mating situation. With structural soundness, constitution, longevity and fertility continually promoted.


A number of Standing Sires utilised at Mount Adde over recent years:

- Lawson X68 An embryo imported from Australila was purchased in 2003, one of the highest performance recorded standing herd sire bulls utilised in New Zealand of his time. A big strong sound bull who has proved himself time and time again, finding admiration from many cattlemen. With great width structure and longevity an active sire to the age of 11 with many daughters retained.

- Mount Adde 361/04 AB is in the top 1% for all growth traits 200, 400 and 600 day weights, also a very easy fleshing and mobile bull with a moderate frame score and great muscle expression and hind quarter. This is a strong sound bull who has consistently preformed in tough years on the hill as an active and mobile sire, one son Jona out of a top cow Mt Adde169/02 has been retained and currently utilised as a herd sire. Both father and son have impressed many vistors.

- Mt Adde 16/07 Out of a proven 10 year old cow with great weaning efficiency's 16 is a great moderate birth, calving ease sire maintaining good growth and carcass combined with maternal ability and feed efficiency .

- Mt Adde 02/07 AB A modern sire with genuine curve bending ability very good maternal background and a smaller frame score promoting good efficiencys.

- Mt Adde 03/08 AB. A compact young Sire with leading maternal efficiency with strong early growth combined and top carcass data.

- Also a number of other bulls with new bloodlines are continually benchmarked and incorporated into our herd if judgment dictates.


(40 bull calves are retained from weaning and performance recorded through to sale as yearlings or 2 year olds.)

Good lines of weaned calves and aged cows are sold annually that continue to meet strong demand from repeat buyers who are happy to pay a premium for cattle they know will preform in a commercial environment.

Mt Adde yearling bulls are muscle and fat scanned by a registered scanner every year and continue to impress as we improve loin and carcass yields along with Intramuscular fats, while also retaining good maternal fat covers. Here at Mount Adde we are very confident our cattle will compete with any cattle around the country for their weight and age.

When benchmarked for 3 seasons in a recent Nation wide study against a large number of top commercial and stud herds of differing breeds on maternal efficiency, Mount Adde cows were among the best performers for every year group.





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