Mount Adde Corriedale Stud


Fond of a sheep that produces quality fine wools while rearing multiple lambs that are resilient and fast growing maturing early with a good carcass? Here at Mt Adde our philosophy has been to breed a robust yet highly productive animal that will not only survive, but thrive in our challenging environment.

Mt Adde Corriedale Sheep have proven performance and reputation.

Our objective is to breed a maternally efficient early maturing sheep that is strong and stoutly built, must have an open face and quality fine midmicron wool of good character with low CV and plenty of bulk with most of our clip falling into the 23-28 micron bracket. Our ewe's are continually tested being farmed with commercial reality, with environmental vagaries of generally hot dry summers and autumn conditions to snow and cold winters. We are continually culling to ensure the highest rate of genetic progress and that we are breading from the most resilient hardy and easy care sheep.

At Mount Adde we aim for high numbers of lambs on the ground with very good survival rates to ensure we have the greatest possible selection pressure. With a large number of replacements retained, then we can cull on productive merit, constitution and type. Maternal attributes of fertility and mothering ability have been a big focus in the past of which we are now happy to consolidate, while focusing more on efficiency, meat production and yield, worm resistance, while integrating many new initiatives as science and technology swiftly advances.


Current technology's utilised are:

-DNA foot score


-DNA cold tolerance

-Ultra sound meat and fat scanning

-CT carcass meat and fat scanning

-Carla IGA siliva worm response test



All sale rams are screened for scrotal size, dags, wool type/cover, structure and constitution type and vet inspected.



-WOOL (MSS) Mid side sample Micron, C.V., S.D., Yld, Bulk

-MEAT Carcass Scanned (EMA) Eye muscle area "prime cut loin" and fats

- (SIL) Fully performance recorded on satistically the largest genetic evuluation system worldwide



- Mt Adde 137/06 leading carcass sire with great maternal ability constitution an fine wool, a trait leader for Carla worm response

- Mt Adde 288/09 son of 147 retain traits of his sire while adding quality fine 25-26 micron wool with high maternal efficiency and fertility.

-Mt Adde 86/09 a big bold and upstanding young ram breeding explosive growth and weaning potential along with good maternal pedigree.

- Mirangi 147/04 A stoutly built Ram utilised in many studs around New Zealand and overseas, a productive sire moderate in size with great temperament and outlook, he ranks very highly for number of lambs born and also carcass attributes.

- Wattle Bank 57/06 A combination of two leading bloodlines, he is a good all rounder, with well above average growth.

- Mara-Wha 554/03 One of the highest maternal rams in the breed for his time with good EMA and an extremely fine quality fleece, has breed many good ewe's and sale rams.

- Many more rams are utilised and benchmarked against proven sires, inspection always welcome.

New outcross bloodlines are continually sourced from around the country, with the lease or purchase of proven high indexing rams, good prospects, or females if we feel they could have potential to add value to our breeding program and that of our clients.


...... ......


All Mt Adde rams are run under commercial conditions

Over 100 rams retained for sale this year



Winner of best team in Corriedale breed societies feature Ewe Hogget (production) Class "Christchurch Royal Show" every year we have entered

(2009, 2010 and 2011)

Mt Adde won 1st sheep, 2nd sheep, 8th sheep 2009 and Best Team - read more about the competition and results here



Enquiries and inspection always welcome


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