Hi, here at Mt Adde we are a family farming enterprise. Agriculture is in the blood our ancestor's began farming of their own in New Zealand in 1842 and have a rich heritage of agriculture craft and business well before that! Now we are in our third generation of farming at Mt Adde here in the Awatere valley. Mt Adde is currently 800 hectares and runs from alluvial flats on the banks of the Awatere river to golden tussock covered tops and regenerating native bush and scrub at up to 600 meters altitude. 90% of the property is classified as hill country, roughly 5% flat and 5% rolling contour.

Our objective here is to improve the land and our farming methods while running a diverse, sustainable and economic operation. We are continually learning from observation and research. Science and technological advancements help us to speed up natural progression and evolution of land management and animal breeding helping us become far more efficient and competitive producers.   

We have always run a diverse operation here at Mount Adde with Corriedale sheep and Angus cattle here from the start, and still prominent today. In the past we have cropped grain mainly, barley, peas and some small seeds such as clovers and lucerne. Now mainly forage crop production is continued to support our livestock operation with some grain and small seed production mainly for our own use in ongoing farm development. We also have many tree crops with amenity plantings, shelterbelts, forestry, regenerating native bush, scrublands and our own small pip and stone fruit and mixed nut orchards.

Traditionally wool was a big earner for us as it was for many other farmers in the early and mid 1900's when many farmers derived the majority of their income from sustainable wool production. Sadly the decline in value of quality wools is something that is unfortunate and hard to justify by any means. Here at Mount Adde we realise wool is still greatly under valued as a unique, natural highly sustainable and versatile fibre. Therefore much effort and selection pressure has gone into maintaining quality fleece wools that can be value added with further processing and promoted as the healthy natural sustainable fibre it is.


The tradtional lamb and beef production is now integrated with the development of two stud operations:

-With the Angus cattle the ambition has always been the same to produce a truly commercially productive, maternal and efficient cow that suits our dry hill country environment. A cattle beast that has an ability to put on condition with a calf at foot, get in calf again, all while maintaining feed quality in times of surplus and often consuming less than desirable feed that other stock can not efficiently utilise.

-With the Corriedale sheep the same principals apply we are looking for an animal that suits our environment and our farming system. The Corriedale ewe must be maternal and efficient, producing plenty of good quality lamb sold prime with good growth and carcass sold off Mum by Christmas, while clipping a quality fine fleece and maintaining her condition over summer ready for mating again.


My grandfather was one of the first to irrigate from the Awatere river over 50 years ago. We now have 2 irrigation pumps, one drawing from an infiltration gallery in the Awatere river bed, feeding 20 hectares of low pressure Kline pastoral irrigation system. The second is a pontoon pump sitting on our 124 000 cubic meter water storage reservoir that is filled via a stream on the property.

In 2004 we planted our first Sauvignon Blanc vines. Now mature these vines have done particularly well both complementing and adding diversity to our existing farming operations with integrating stock grazing under vine, and also the feeding of by-product grape marc (seeds and skin's of grapes) to livestock. We now have 3 blocks of grapes. Mount Adde Sauvignon Blanc is contract grown for the Oyster Bay wine label, one of the strongest and fastest growing wine brands in the world today. 


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