Diversity is paramount here in the summer dry east coast so we are always searching for things that will add strength to our farming operations. And with farm succession in mind a development plan was implemented that started with a water right and the construction of our 124,000 cubic meter water storage dam.

With the security of water our initial 23 hectare vineyard development was planted. Marlborough is fast becoming recognised as a world leading wine region particularly well suited and renowned for the unique styles and appealing flavours we can produce. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has rapidly found favour around the world as a versatile easy drinking popular wine with typically tropical intense fruity characters.

At Mount Adde we view our vineyards as simply another form of farming and like any other enterprise or crop manage them ourselves along with assistance of good staff and specialist contractors when needed.

Mount Adde vineyards were initially established in the winter/spring of 2004 and planning was critical. Our first harvest followed 18 months later when we harvested over 6 tonnes per hectare at 23.5 brix in March 2006, these young vines have continued to preform extremely well. Our second harvest was not so kind with many vineyards around the area being badly frosted and although we escaped any frost damage, the cold December did affect our flowering and subsequent fruit set. We harvested 8.2 tonne per hectare in 2007 with a brix of 24.1 in early April. Our vines have continued to exceed our expectations producing quality fruit with good balance, flavour profile and character. In 2008 with the view of increasing scale and efficiency of our vineyard operations another block was selected and planted in Sauvignon Blanc.

We have long term supply contracts with one of the fastest growing wine brands in the world today, our Sauvignon Blanc grapes have been supplied to the Oyster Bay wine brand from the start and they continue to be well received, but as with all our produce we will endeavour to add value and would like to develop our own wine label with a small percentage of our fruit in the future.

Everyone is extremely pleased with our vineyard developments and the way in which they complement our pastoral operations, adding both diversity and varied employment opportunities for family that would not be present under a strictly pastoral and livestock system.